CQ Assessments & E-Learning

Through my partnership with the CQ center I am able to offer research-based CQ Assessments designed to measure effectiveness in diverse situations and to promote a deeper understanding of our own approaches to life and work and how those compare to others. I am also able to offer a number of interactive, engaging and detailed online courses.

CQ Pro Assessment

This tool is designed to assess the four factors and 13 sub dimensions of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as well as individual cultural value orientations. Personalised feedback reports compare CQ scores with the worldwide norms, provide personal preferences on each of the 10 cultural values and include a personalised development plan.

The CQ Assessment measures an individual’s capability for working and relating across cultures by measuring skills in four distinct areas:

  1. CQ Drive: Level of interest, persistence, and confidence during multicultural interactions.
  2. CQ Knowledge: Understanding about how cultures are similar and different.
  3. CQ Strategy: Awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions.
  4. CQ Action: Ability to adapt when relating and working in multicultural contexts.

In addition, the CQ Pro Assessment provides individuals with a mapping of their preferences on 10 cultural values.

  1. Individualism vs. Collectivism
  2. Low vs. High Power Distance
  3. Low vs. High Uncertainty Avoidance
  4. Cooperative vs. Competitive
  5. Short Term vs. Long Term
  6. Direct vs. Indirect
  7. Being vs. Doing
  8. Universalism vs. Particularism
  9. Non-Expressive vs. Expressive
  10. Linear vs. Non-Linear

Personal feedback report includes:

  • Self-Ratings & Norms for the 4 CQ Capabilities
  • Self-Ratings & Norms for the 13 CQ Sub-dimensions
  • Development & Action Plan
  • Personal Cultural Value Preferences


A one-hour e-learning course that integrates individual results from the CV Profile including interactive exercises, quizzes, and examples to promote learning.

Designed for use with the Cultural Values Profile – an online inventory covering individual value preferences in ten different cultural value dimensions.

Those who complete the course:

  • Will be able to define and describe the ten cultural value orientations
  • Will be able to identify their own cultural value preferences and how they relate to the cultural value preferences of others
  • Will learn tips for working with individuals who have different preferences

This tool is designed to assess the ten cultural value dimensions.


Includes all Cultural Intelligence content and all Cultural Value content found in the Cultural Value E-learning course

  • Learn Cultural Value preferences, Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and the four primary CQ capabilities
  • Course content includes learning activities, quizzes, videos, and lectures
  • Course content is personalised for each learner so that the course modules reflect their individual scores

Those who complete the course:

  • Will have a solid understanding of their own CQ
  • Will be able to identify their own cultural value preferences and how they relate to the cultural value preferences of others
  • How their scores compare to worldwide norms
  • Will have the skills and knowledge to improve their capability to work more effectively in culturally diverse situations

Recognise and Manage Bias E-LEARNING COURSE 

This one-hour, e-learning course provides real life examples and practical strategies for minimising biased actions and decision making. Based on the proven research about Cultural Intelligence (CQ), MyUB™ helps learners build awareness, develop strategies for managing bias, and ultimately reduce the application of bias in the workplace and beyond.


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a proven way to manage the negative impact of bias. MyUB™ will teach the learner how to use CQ to:

  • Sustain the commitment to manage bias
  • Recognise bias in self and others
  • Develop the skills to interrupt bias
  • Create an action plan


  • Fast-Paced: One-hour course divided into 5-10 minute modules for bite-sized learning
  • Interactive: Exercises, activities, and videos to engage learners of all types
  • Relevant: Real examples and tangible strategies for same-day application
  • Scalable: Excellent for executives, administrators, front line employees, students, and individuals
  • Accessible: Mobile friendly access through a secure online portal. Course available in the English and French language

The course can be used as a stand-alone or as part of a blended learning approach. It also includes a pre and post assessment to monitor a learner’s progress in managing bias.


Quinton lives and breathes diversity and relates exceptionally well to people from diverse backgrounds. His personal story is also a shining example of how one can overcome very difficult circumstances.

He is a highly interactive and probing speaker. He uses stories, humour, multimedia presentations, and immersive exercises to help diverse audiences make the transition from a subjective worldview and interaction style to having a greater appreciation for the complexity of social interactions in multicultural environments.

Some of his achievements include:

  • Professional Associate (Gordon Institute of Business Science )
  • Director (Heartlines Consulting)
  • Director (Cultural Intelligence Africa.)
  • Consultant (Columba Leadership)
  • Chief Executive Officer (Young & Able)
  • Fellow (Clinton Democracy Fellowship)
  • Director (YFC)


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